A Guide To Squonking and Dripping


Two Versatile Ways to Vape – Squonking and Dripping

People are always seeking convenient ways in all aspects of their life to execute any kind of deeds more smartly and efficiently. And it is true with respect to vaping also, as vapers are constantly trying to introduce novel and revolutionary ways to experience vaping like never before. As such, squonking is the rage among millions of vapers in the Vape Dubai community who like to enjoy hassle-free vaping sessions with their sophisticated squonk mods.  It is an efficient vaping process where you don’t have to regularly employ the use of a drip tip to experience an uninterrupted vaping session. Let’s find out more about squonking and dripping in this comprehensive blog post, which also reveals the various pros and cons of these two practices.


Dripping requires the user to frequently trickle a few drops of e-juice into the wicking material of the device using a drip tip. The wicking material, either cotton or any other absorbent material will then quickly soak up the flavourful drops of e-liquid. This process can be carried out by Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers(RDA) which gives you absolute control over the saturation procedure. By performing this technique, vapers enjoy a customized vaping scenario where they can regulate the intensity of the e-liquid. With the use of RDA’s, you can experience an enhanced level of vapour production that is rich in exquisite flavours. Furthermore, RDA’s can turn out to be quite messy as they are prone to leakage that will inevitably stain your hands and clothes.  

Drip tips


  • You can have total control over the amount of e-juice that is dripped over the wicking material.
  • You can experiment with a variety of e-liquids, and there is no headache regarding the fixing of vape juice cartridges into the device.
  • As dripping is performed over an RDA device, there is an immense production of vape clouds.


  • The dripping procedure requires you to carry an e-juice bottle everywhere with you, which can be difficult at times.
  • There is a high chance of leakage in the RDA tanks which is used for dripping e-liquid into the wicking material.
  • The frequent procedure involving opening and closing the e-liquid container can be tedious.
  • There is a high potential for staining your clothes during the dripping procedure.       
  • It’s a highly time-consuming procedure.


Typically, both Squonking and Dripping involve the manual transfer of e-liquids into the saturating wick. Although the basic principle remains the same, the practical process differs a lot. Moreover, squonking and dripping will ultimately lead to a massive vaping experience coupled with the authentic flavour of the e-juice. Squonking is the current rage all over the globe for its immense practicality and efficiency in delivering an exceptional vaping experience to the user with minimal hassle. 

Squonk mods


Squonking is achieved with the help of an aesthetically crafted squonk mod device during the vaping session. It’s a very simple and straightforward process by which the user has to squeeze the bottle or press the inbuilt button integrated into the squonk mods. Once your squeeze or press the bottle or button, the vape juice is quickly shifted from the bottle to the absorbent wicks, whereby you can enjoy a comprehensive vaping session.


These mods are ingeniously crafted to be a hands-free dripping device capable of transferring the e-liquids efficiently into the wick. Many variants of squonk mods are available where most of them have a square cut at the bottom end of the device, which allows the user to squeeze the bottle thoroughly. Furthermore, several sophisticated variants with a button to transfer the e-liquid into the wicks are also available in the market.



  • You can eliminate the tension of spilling or staining e-juices on your clothes.
  • Squonk mods have the capacity to hold more e-liquid in their container/bottle.
  • You can realize the authentic and refreshing flavours of e-juices.
  • All you have to do is squeeze the bottle or press the button.
  • You don’t have to worry about transferring excess e-juice into the wick as the excess juice goes back into the bottle with the help of a bottom-feeding dripper.


  • Low battery life as the majority of storage space is taken up by the bottle storing the e-liquid. 
  • Efficiency comes with a price because the squonk mods are quite expensive in the market. But a few international brands have supplied them at various price brackets.


Squonking and dripping procedures are used by millions and may have fans around the world for varied reasons, and it is up to the user to decide what works best for them individually. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, as mentioned above, and ultimately it’s best to try them both to gain first-hand experience and perspective.


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