Complete guide to Vape Systems – open vape system vs closed vape system

Open Vape System Or Closed Vape System?

A pretty well-established practice among vapers is to vape with the assistance of Open and Closed vape systems. These are two modes of vaping systems where vaping is achieved with a closed pod or open pod device. They differ in functionality and have their respective advantages and disadvantages. These vape Dubai systems bestow a different kind of experience to the user that determines the level of smoothness, comfort and user-friendliness. If you are a beginner in vaping or a hardcore smoker looking forward to switching to vaping, check out this comprehensive post to understand the various intricacies of Open vape systems and Closed Vape systems. We have covered all the relevant dimensions in detail to help you understand these two renowned types of vaping systems like never before. 

Open Vape Systems

This versatile vape system is used by a massive number of users who prefer to fill their favourite type of e-liquids during each vaping session. The Open vape systems are made up of several vaping accessories such as batteries and coils. These open-pod devices need to be regularly replaced with new vape coils, after their life cycle or when they get burnt with thorough usage. Also, these open vape systems are integrated with an empty tank that should be manually filled with your preferred type of e-liquid. Furthermore, several types of tanks such as clearomizer, cartomizer and atomizer can be used to experience vaping with open vaping systems. 

Open Vape system

Benefits & Flaws Of Open Pod System

An extensive variety of Flavours are available

The most prominent advantage that makes the open vape system stand out is its ability to allow the user to experience any kind of e-juice flavours according to their preference. Conversely, this is a major disadvantage of a closed vape system that offers only a limited number of e juice flavours. With an enormous collection of e juice available online, there is no dearth for choosing an e-juice for the open vape system that suits your palate. A tailored vaping experience is guaranteed to the vaper who uses the open vape system.

A Versatile Vaping Session

A comprehensive vaping session is ensured to the vaper who prefers the open vape system because of the high-quality vaping accessories that encompass the open pod devices. The premium accessories in the vape device such as the high-grade glass tanks and organic cotton wicks create a massive difference in perceiving an exceptional vaping session. Additionally, with an open vape system, you can enjoy an immersive vaping experience with enhanced flavour and create luscious clouds.

Economically Feasible Way to Vape

The e-liquids used in the open pod devices are economically cheaper than its counterpart used in the closed vape system. The prefilled e juice cartridges are far more expensive, and the quantity of e-liquid that you get from them is much lower than the e-liquids used in open vape systems. 

A diverse range of Nicotine Strengths

You have the freedom to choose a plethora of high-quality e-juice in varying degrees of nicotine strengths. On the other hand, chances are slim for closed vape devices to get e juices with multiple levels of nicotine strengths.

Refilling might get messy

A major drawback of open vape systems is the need to refill the e-juice manually after emptying the tank. It can be quite demanding to carry around the e-juice bottles for refilling them every time after usage. 

Closed Vape System

Convenience and simplicity are what define the nature of a Closed Vape system. They are manufactured along with a prefilled e-liquid pod or cartridge. By using a closed pod device, you can essentially experience a hassle-free vaping session where you simply have to place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale the flavoursome vapour. A few closed pod devices have the power button integrated into them to initiate inhalation. 

Closed Pod System

Benefits & Flaws Of Closed Vape System

Simulate The Experience of Smoking

A closed vape system offers a vaping experience that closely resembles and simulates cigarette smoking. Most of the devices are compact enough to hold between the fingers and mimic the exact sensations and mannerisms of smoking. Moreover, ex-smokers can greatly perceive the advantage that comes with the goodness of high nicotine content in the e-liquids.  

Effortless Vaping = Closed Vape systems

The most salient feature of closed vape systems is the ease at which a user can operate these vape devices. You just have to charge the device for a high powered vaping experience and replace the drained cartridge whenever required. It’s a very effective vape device for beginners of vaping.

Expensive Cartridges/Pods

The cartridges and pods are far more expensive than the ones in the open vape systems, and you need to regularly purchase them when the e-juice empties. 

 Devices Are Handy

All the devices in the closed vape system variants are crafted in a compact and sleek design for convenience. You can easily carry them anywhere without drawing any unwanted attention. 

Bottom Line

Choose Open vape systems, if you desire to customize and create your preferred range of vaping experiences. And, go for the Closed Vape system if want to indulge in a hassle-free vaping experience without losing your valuable time. Furthermore, it is best to get first-hand knowledge by experimenting with these two vape systems that can bestow a host of features that are unique to them.


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