Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is vaping?

Vaping is the inhale and exhale of vapour via electronic cigarettes. It is a more advanced version of smoking that eliminates the hazardous side effects of tobacco by substituting the combustible cigarette.

What is a vaping technique?

Vaping involves the technique of heating e-liquid to produce vapour that is inhaled and expelled. Read our beginner’s guide to vaping, which describes the correct processes required to learn more about the vaping technique.

What should a novice keep in mind when vaping?

Unlike smoking combustible cigarettes, vaping offers a diverse range of vape products and hardware tailored to different levels of vaping. To learn more about the vaping mechanism and how to choose the appropriate device, read Vape Dubai‘s beginner’s guide.

What elements make up a vape device?

A vape device comprises four major parts: a drip tip, a tank, a battery, and a coil. These, together with the vape juice, provide an outstanding vaping experience.

Is it doable to ship to Saudi Arabia?

Authentic world-class vape products are delivered and shipped to KSA via our Vape Dubai store. To learn more, read Saudi Arabia Shipping and Delivery Policy section on our website.

Is there a power button on the vape?

Most vape devices, particularly box mods, have a power button that operates on/off basis. On the other hand, most disposable vape pods omit a power button. They perform on the principle of a draw-fire mechanism.

Why should I use a vape pen?

Vaping offers you the very same sensations, behaviours, and nicotine delivery as smoking, but it isn’t the same.  In fact, experiments prove that vaping is currently more delightful and rewarding than smoking ever was in terms of flavour and cloud chases.

What are PG or VG liquids?

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine, or glycerol) are ingredients in e-liquid which create the vapour. Both are widely used in a variety of products for human consumption. PG is associated with a stronger “throat hit” but with less visible vapour, whereas VG has a sweetish taste and produces a much more visible vapour. Some vapers find PG irritates their throat and lungs and choose to use VG based e-liquids instead. Some e-liquids contain a blend of both ingredients to balance out the characteristics of each.

Is it safe to vape?

Unfortunately, because of federal regulations, we are unable to address the safety of vaping products. We apologise for the inconvenience; however, you can conduct your own independent research on the internet.

What vape juice gives you a feeling of rejuvenation?

Vape King is a vape Dubai shop with a wide assortment of e-juice flavours. The flavours are all distinct and pleasant. However, if you need a taste that will revitalize your body and soul, we recommend our menthol and lemon flavours.

Is it difficult to refill the tank?

It is not a complex operation to refill a tank. You can fill with ease if you are informed of the ideal method. If you’re a newbie or an occasional vaper, a disposable vape or prefilled pod is a good option because it eliminates the inconvenience of refilling.

Is the e-cigarette too hot to handle due to the device’s battery?

We only sell trusted brands with controlled batteries and mods. While these devices may become warm due to continuous use, they should never become hot or radiate heat to the outer covering. If your gadget becomes too hot to touch, we recommend that you dispose of it safely and promptly and inform us.

Is vaping appropriate for me?

The answer is yes, only if you’re an adult smoker. Nicotine should not be consumed by nonsmokers in any manner. The addictiveness of nicotine in vaping devices has yet to be thoroughly researched. It’s safe to presume that it has the potential to lead to addiction. However, free base liquids devoid of salt nics are safe for every adult.

What is the difference between PG and VG liquids?

The vapor is created by the components PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin, or glycerol) in e-liquid. Both are commonly employed in a wide range of human-consuming items. PG has a more significant “throat hit” but generates less visible vapor, whereas VG has a sweeter flavor and produces a considerably more obvious vapor. Some vapers discover that PG irritates their throats and lungs, so they switch to VG-based e-juices. To balance out the characteristics, some e-liquids contain a blend of both substances.

Is vaping a viable smoking substitute?

Yes, it is.  Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have fewer addictive properties, allowing you to cut down on your smoking time. Furthermore, vaping provides a wide selection of nicotine-free flavor choices, ensuring the user’s vascular health. Nicotine is present only in thin patches, even in nic salts, to ensure the user’s health.

Can I mix and match flavors in the same vape pod?

Yes, you certainly can. Renowned brands of refillable pods are designed to hold various vape juice flavors. You can switch up your flavors from time to time for a new experience.

Who is eligible to use the vape?

The law allows adults over the age of 21 to use vape.
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