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Since 2018 Vape Dubai have proudly served the entire UAE. We were the first company to offer same day delivery and Express Delivery, then as the copycats followed we got that down to hours. There are many companies operating in the UAE market offering vape products, but if you want the original and best vape supplier in the country, you only need us. We offer all types of payment methods and have the largest variety of stock in UAE. .

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2018 to 2023 and Beyond, the Vape Monkey Story!

The two partners who founded Vape Monkey had a very clear mission when opening their online vape store. They wanted to help people quit smoking and offer the most current and up to date advice on vape products that would help achieve a cigarette free lifestyle. We still advise non-smokers not to start vaping, if you’re an individual who doesn’t crave nicotine then you’re in a healthier place.

Stop Smoking today, with Dubai’s Vape Experts!

For those people who do have an addiction to nicotine the game plan is to start on the higher nicotine levels (often salt nicotine) and slowly wean yourself to lower and lower nicotine levels. The end result should not to be a lifetime vaper but to use vape as a method of quitting nicotine altogether. We have 24/7 online and WhatsApp support, and even if your aren’t yet a customer we will help guide and advise you on how to vape responsibly and economically. Contact us to today and start your journey to a nicotine free life..

Vape Shops Near Me? We have you covered.

Often you are caught with a disposable vape device just about to run out, or you go for your vape juice bottle and suddenly realize you are on your last drops. That’s when VAPE MONKEY saves the day. Our delivery service is our key focus, we operate from 10am to midnight, 365 days a year. With tailored delivery options such as Express Delivery, On Demand, and Same day, across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah. Not to mention, you can get FREE DELIVERY if you order above a certain amount.

Join Vape Monkey Community and get Vape Discounts, Promos and Deals?

Vaping in UAE is a growing trend, it’s becoming a community of enthusiasts searching for the best new vape flavor, or the up and coming vape device. Also searching for that underground deal and amazing exclusive discount. With Vape Monkey, you have a few community options to avail that EXTRA DISCOUNT. Subscribe to our Telegram Channel or Join Reddit and Discord community.

Vape Monkey NFT Lifetime Discount Card

How about a LIFETIME discount on Vape Monkey Websites around the World? Sound Interesting? We are the first globally to introduce a Utility Discount NFT in the vaping industry. Simply click the following link, and mint one of our beautifully designed and unique MONKEY NFTs available from 1 January 2023,

Get up to 20% lifetime discount for the humble sum of 0.05 ETH, and not only the discount, enjoy the beautiful individual art as your profile photo.

Lets Vape the best products in UAE!

We have the best vape options in the house. We carefully and selectively choose the products that are worthy of being vaped by our loyal customers. Vape Dubai is all about quality and product guarantee. If disposable vapes are your preferred vaping option, we have the top brands for you; Yuoto, TugBoat, Myle Disposables, Arabisk, Maskking, Vudu, Ignite, ViCig, Esco Bar, XTRA to name a few.

However, if you are an old school vaper and prefer traditional vape devices and pod systems, we have the best vape brands on offer. Smok, Veperesso, Geek Vape, Uwell, Relx and more arriving every month. As for vape juice and salt nicotine, we carry all the top brands from the UK, USA, Malaysia, and beyond.

Find your favorite juice here, VGOD, Nasty, Pachamama, BLVK, E-Cigara, Cambridge Labs, Suicide Bunny, Bazooka, Charlies Chalk Dust, Cloud Breakers, Doozy, I Love Salt, Naked, Ruthless and more.

We take pride in getting you the best vape brands directly to your door step, guaranteed vape products that you can trust.

Our Priority

Delivering authentic, guaranteed vape products to our customers. Only delivering to consenting adults who need help quitting traditional cigarettes.

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Best Vape Shop In Dubai | Online Vape In Dubai | Vape Dubai

Vaping Dubai is a premier destination for all your vape needs in the UAE Vaping Dubai offers an extensive range of vape dubai products, accessories and e cigarettes. We have everything for you no matter if you are naive or a seasoned vaper.. You can shop the premium quality vapes from us.

The Finest Dubai Vape Shop | Vape UAE

Vaping Dubai has a diverse collection of vape products and we try to cater all your vaping needs. The vape kits, mods, tanks and coils we have are the best in town and this makes us the finest dubai vape store in the UAE. We use the most reliable vaping technology for our vapes UAE.

Vape Shops Near Me | Top Vape Shop

Today, the vape market is booming and vaping dubai has made its presence in Dubai. With just a few clicks you can get to the best vape shop and can purchase endless vape variety, You can order from you home and if you are searching “Vape shops near me: then vaping dubai has a solution for you.

Why Vaping Dubai? Benefits Of #1 Dubai Vape Store

Following are the features provided via Vaping Dubai:1. Product Range: We offer a top-notch collection of vape kits, mods, tanks, coils and flavors. Vaping Dubai has all the solutions for vaping problems.

  1. Trusted Brands: Vaping Dubai ensured the best quality via authorized brands to offer premium quality to the customers.
  2. Convenient Online Shopping: We have the best online and user friendly website portal for your purchasing needs. If you have any issue with usability, you can call us and our customer support will place an order for your Vape Dubai.
  3. Swift Delivery: Vaping Dubai has the fastest and reliable delivery channel through Dubai and the Middle east. We ensure delivery before the allocated time.

Our Mission:

Vaping Dubai is a haven for vapers. We redefine the vaping trend with our  premium vapes and ultra-fast delivery. Join our vibrant community to be a part of our vape loving family. Vaping Dubai is a house where luxury meets convenience in every puff.Vaping Dubai believes in delivering more than simple products; we aim for experiences. Our team of designers ensures exceptional blends and sleek designs to engrave a difference from other players. You can shop any quality of vape from the top vape shop in Dubai.