There is a rising number of transitioning vapers in the current scenario. Read this blog from Vape Dubai to know the beneficial aspects of vaping.


If you’re a smoker looking to quit, many smokers consider switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. But what is vaping? It’s not just a more high tech version of smoking tobacco – it doesn’t contain any smoke or tar. When you vape, the liquid in your e-cigarette creates a vapour that contains salt nic if desired and leaves no mess! In reality, when compared with traditional cigarettes, this healthier alternative can make for an easy transition away from standard smoking products.

Is vaping a beneficial alternative to smoking?

Vaping the Vape Dubai products is by far one of the best things that a smoker could do to improve their health. In fact, many studies and personal accounts have proved this theory as well – smokers who switch to vaping seems to feel better than they did before. For instance, according to an article published in New Scientist, “Those who ditched cigarettes and vaped instead saw their blood vessel function increase by around 1.5 percentage points within four weeks compared with those who continued smoking.” 

That same piece explains how for every 1% improvement of your vascular health, you will lower your risk of cardiovascular events by 13%. Additionally, although there have been some negative opinions on vaping lately due mostly from the media outlets where it was shared out-of-context, Public Health England has said Vaping is still 95% less harmful than smoking! If anything, if you care about yourself or someone else and know that they are ready for something new, we hope this helps them decide whether or not quitting nicotine products by switching over from tobacco would be a good idea!

The Affordable Switch

Switching to vaping from tobacco products is a good financial decision. Traditional tobacco products are expensive because they are heavily taxed, and if you’re a heavy smoker that cost can easily become overwhelming. E-cigarettes don’t have the same tax, so once you’ve made your initial investment in vape pens and other accessories it will be less costly than smoking cigarettes heavily.

Wave Off to Foul Smells

One of the biggest deterrents to smoking tobacco products is the smell. It’s hard not for one to constantly smell like an ashtray when you smoke many cigarettes daily. This might be bothersome because you are causing discomfort to yourself and those around you, who don’t smoke! When people vape disposable vapes instead of using tobacco, they do not release any form of combustible material and, as such, do not experience any odour or lingering stench after use. As soon as someone switches to vaping, there will be no more smoker’s aroma coming from them whatsoever, which can certainly improve everyone’s mood by making it less pungent than smoking itself! While vaping with e-liquid usually gives off a light scent that isn’t too harsh or unpleasant and doesn’t linger either, while still being much better than the rankness emanating from cigarette smokers.

Social Acceptance of Vaping

Since its increasing popularity and the fact that there is no smell to irritate the people around you, vaping has become socially acceptable in most places. Most people will not be bothered by you vaping near them because they won’t inhale tobacco smoke if any smell will generally be a pleasant one depending on what e-Liquid you have. In addition, you won’t expose the other people you with to those hazardous effects of second-hand smoke. Vaping gives off far fewer chemicals, so it’s much more even for those exposed to it compared with smoking tobacco products! Furthermore, as stated above, vapes are an across-the-board better alternative than cigarettes due to health concerns and social acceptance, among others! If you are planning to switch to vaping, try the on-demand MYLE vape from Vape UAE collections that you’ll love for sure.


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