Dinner Lady The Best E-cigarette In Dubai?

dinner lady

Are you hunting for the finest e-liquid online? It’s time to experiment with a distinctive vaping session with Dubai’s top vape brand, Dinner Lady if you’re new to vaping. In Dubai, a number of flavour and e-liquid producers compete for the title of the top. When deciding which vape brand is ideal for you, you may take into account a number of variables that might differ from individual to individual. Given all the above considerations, Dinner Lady by Vape Dubai unquestionably offers some distinctive flavours to make your vaping experience unforgettable.

List of the top 3 interesting flavours offered by Dinner Lady from the vape store in Dubai

1. Straight Tobacco:

Straight Tobacco is an e-liquid of Dinner Lady‘s Tobacco line, which offers the present smokers a comfortable and wide variety of flavours as they switch to vaping. Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food-grade flavourings, and nicotine are the four main ingredients of e-liquids. Dinner Lady by Vape In Dubai employs only the purest ingredients to make a premium e-liquid with unmatched flavours in the industry. Dinner Lady 50:50 E-Liquids, which come in 12 or 18mg nicotine concentrations, enable vapers to switch between different nicotine levels according to individual preferences.

dinner lady

Dinner Lady runs strong Quality Control Measures in clean room laboratories and cutting-edge operating facilities. Different nicotine levels are available in Dinner Lady 10ml e-liquids, giving vapers a versatile opportunity to experience their favourite flavours on a range of electronic cigarettes.

2. Strawberry Coconut:

Dinner Lady‘s Strawberry Coconut e-liquid offered by the online store of Vape Abu Dhabi is a fruity flavour combined with creamy undertones. A smooth coconut flavour blends with a strawberry flavour that has a ripe taste to create a layered vape with a rich base.

dinner lady

The 10ml Strawberry Coconut e-liquid comes in nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg. Picking a combination that gives your optimal nicotine content and intensity of throat impact is therefore simple. This VG e-liquid, which contains 50% VG, was intended for use with mouth-to-lung vape systems. You’ll notice subtle vapour generation and enhanced flavour clarity when vaping. For optimal results, try this e-liquid with starter kits and pod kits.

3. Apple Sour:

A candy-like dessert combination with a sour and sweet flavour profile, Apple Sours short-fill e-liquid is produced by Dinner Lady Sweets. On the inhale, there seem to be strong crisp notes of ripe-tasting apples that are offset by an acidic rush of fizzy froth on the exhale for a sour sensation.

dinner lady

A 10ml nicotine shot can be added to a 50ml short fill of Apple Sours e-liquid. A 10ml 18mg nic shot, for instance, will provide 60ml of 3mg e-liquid when added. When used with a sub-ohm vape kit or tank, this shortfall, which has a 70 per cent VG ratio, is ideal for producing big clouds without losing the flavour.


The best Vape brand in Dubai is ultimately determined to be Dinner Lady E-Juice, which aims to draw in more customers who are eager to discover as much as they can about the flavours of vaping and have a satisfying vaping experience. The flavours sought to spark the vaping industry by immediately meeting the demands and expectations of vape enthusiasts. The Dinner Lady has emerged as a reliable and renowned vaping brand with great global appeal over the years!


WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.