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Weekly Promotions and Discount Codes

Weekly Promotions and Discount Codes

What’s on this week?

Here’s some fantastic news for the Vape Dubai community. Every week, Vape Monkey Dubai organizes a special offer to entertain shoppers and provide a unique and memorable shopping experience.

We want to make sure that our Vape UAE community has the most satisfactory shopping and unique vaping experience with our products and services. We keep our catalogues up to date with the most recent and reputed product lines, including e-cigarette UAE and e-juices, that is genuine and worth paying for.

Weekly promos are updated every week and include a range of discounts on certain vape items and hardware. Vape accessories, vape kits, e-juices and vape mods are all part of the sales.

Never miss having a glance at our promotions every week; what if your favourite products are offered for the most incredible discount in any week. Visit us each week to stay informed on the current deals. In a week, your long-awaited products might be included in our assortment of discounted items. Moreover, obtain a promo code on variants of products from our Vape shop Dubai every week. 

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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Promo

10% Off on All Dinner Lady Range

27th May 2020 – 2nd June 2020


Uwell Yearn

Uwell Year Promotion

25% Off on All Uwell Yearn

10th June 2020 – 20th June 2020

Code YN25

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