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In the world of vaping, as in any other industry, a few well-known vape brands stand out in excellence. Because of the vape community’s innovative spirit, the industry has a plethora of quality brands. In fact, the Vape Monkey Dubai team has accumulated a selection of the top vape brands of 2022, exemplifying that high-quality vape brands are within easy reach for any vaper of any spending plan, vape personality, or experience level.
This guide from Vape Dubai will assist you in choosing your latest absolute favourite vape brand, whether you’re a first-time vaper or a seasoned veteran.

What distinguishes the best e-cigarette brands?

It’s not simple to become one of the most recognisable brands in the industry, especially when you’re up against fierce competition at every turn. There are a few crucial boxes to address when it comes to the characteristics of a genuinely exceptional vape brand. Quality and creativity are crucial if manufacturers need to impress even the most sophisticated vaper. There are a few e-cigarette UAE brands that satiate the desires of every vaper equally.
When compiling our list of the best e-cigarette UAE brands for 2022, our Vape UAE team looked at the following factors:


One of the most basic – and crucial – traits that distinguish a brand is its ability to innovate, generate vape technology that caters to various vaping needs, solve specific problems, and deliver a next-level vaping experience.


Purchasing the most expensive vape pods does not guarantee high quality. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money in your vaping needs, you want to make sure the product is genuine and of high quality. The vape brands available at Vape Monkey Dubai are dedicated to supplying genuine vape items, and as a result, our UAE Vape community values and appreciates them.

The Vaper’s Preference

Genuine brands value client feedback and improve their products to match the needs of their customers.


While appearances have no bearing on vape quality, a sense of fashion is required to maintain a high standard. To create an appealing performance, reputable brands integrate appeal with performance in their equipment.

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