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The STIG will send you soaring with instant satisfaction!

The STIG is an on draw, mouth to lung disposable pod device that is ridiculously easy to enjoy and toss out when you’re done.

Furthermore, it contains a fully charged low wattage battery that you never have to worry about charging.

Even more, it holds 1.2 ml of 60 mg of your favorite VGOD SaltNic eliquid and comes in a pack of three. Actually, use it to switch the habit or supplement your nic intake when you don’t have time to rebuild your coils or charge your batteries.

Pick up a pack today and start living carefree!

The STIG is a small, on draw activated, disposable mouth to lung pod device.
It is an extremely lightweight pocket size pod. VGOD designed this pod for portability and ease of use. The STIG comes in a pack of three and can easily travel with you anywhere you go. Never worry about charging or refilling pods ever again! Enjoy true satisfaction and redefine your lifestyle with the STIG today!

WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.