I Love Salts is the newest liquid collection from Mad Hatter Juice. Based in Southern California, the makers of the delicious I Love Donuts line formulates six salt-based nicotine eliquids. They designed for low wattage and pod vapor systems. This series of  liquid includes: Juicy Apples, Strawberry Candy, Sweet Tobacco, Spearmint Gum, Fruit Cereal and Grappleberry. Stay salty with these delicious handcraft saltnics today.

The team at Mad Hatter Juice harnessed their mad liquid making skills to craft a whole new line of nicotine salt e-juices. This is the newest creation from this popular LA-based e-liquid giant . Furthermore, it not only jumps on the nic salt craze, it takes it to an all-new level. Therefore, like other nicotine salt liquids, I Love Salts produces a noticeable nicotine hit that drives smokers wild.

All of the flavors in this line are available in either 25 miligrams or 50 miligrams nicotine strengths. Evidentally, you have a little bit of flexibility with how much nicotine you get.

Shop Mad Hatter Juice’s I Love Salts flavors and try Fruity Cereal, Strawberry Candy, Spearmint Gum, and more!

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WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.