Legal Update

To our valued Vape Monkey customers/puffers, please be aware of this recent Legal update concerning vaping and all electroning cigarette products in Dubai!

The UAE have decided to allow the sale of vaping products in shops by mid-April 2019. This brings huge changes regarding products which will be available, size of bottles and strengths of nicotine.

We know that this new initiative will be an overall positive experience for both you and us, but just be ready for a huge change!

What will change for you as a vaper:

  1. Product packaging
  2. Nicotine Strength availability
  3. Tank capacity size
  4. Taxation and price
  5. Availability of products

Also, smoking an e-cigarette comes with the same restrictions as puffing on a traditional cigarette.

Anyone found vaping or using an e-cigarette in unauthorised areas in Dubai will be hit with a fine of up to 2,000 AED (£420).

Until the new regulations and standards come into effect, we will be selling all current stocks until it is totally depleted,
Then, from mid-April onward, we will be stocking the new vaping products once tested and approved by ESMA.

We will keep our customers updated on any new developments through mailing campaigns and until then happy vaping!