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Vape Coil

We can assist you in identifying your vape resistance demands. Market Vape supplies tanks with authentic coils in every vape pod, including disposable vape pods. However, having a plan b by depending on our fascinating vape coils from our Vape Dubai assortment for extended vaping delight with refillable pods is always a good idea.

Vape coils are heated to produce vapour during the vaping of e-liquids. Atomisers are constructed more straightforwardly. They are typically made out of a coil enveloped in wicking cotton. The e-liquid is absorbed by this wicking cotton-wrapped coil. When a vape pod is ignited, the battery supplies the power to generate heat and evaporate liquid or nic salts.

Ohms is the SI unit used to denote the vape coil resistance. The renowned vape brands prevalent in the UAE Vape community provide vape coils of varying resistance levels. To optimise your vaping experience better, choose from our Vape Dubai assortment of appealing vape coils of varying resistance levels.

When the device is ignited, a lower resistance coil produces more vapour, whilst a higher resistance coil produces a softer vape. We recommend experimenting with different resistance levels to see which vape coil strength suits you best and then functionalising in that resistance range.

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WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.